Senior School (Classes IX-X)

By the time the students reach Senior School, they have a clear understanding of what their choice of subjects might be in their final years in school.

The school follows the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) required by CBSE. The scheme consists of Formative and Summative Assessments over the entire year rather than a single examination at the end of each academic year. The Formative Assessment includes Wednesday Tests, class activities, oral assessments ( ASL), debates, projects, role-play, etc. These assessments provide continuous feedback to both teachers and learners for diagnosis and remedial measures regarding transactional activities and learning. The summative assessment is a pen and paper examination, at the end of each semester, that measures or ‘sums up’ how much a student has learnt during the term. The overall assessment of a child covers both scholastic and co-scholastic areas that include life skills, values and attitudes, physical education, art, dance, music, SUPW, and work experience. Performance in scholastic as well as co-scholastic is part of the grades. For Classes III to X, CCE assessments based on a ten-point grade scale are recorded in the Report Card.

CCE assessments are scheduled as follows:

Month Formative Assessment Weightage

MonthFormative AssessmentWeightage
April – May FA1 10%
July – Aug FA2 10%
Oct – Dec FA3 10%
Jan – Feb FA4 10%
September S A I 30%
March S A II 30%

Note: Class-work, Home-work, Projects and Assignments are a mandatory part of the formative assessment.

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